Wibiya ToolbarToday Wibiya’s toolbar can be found on many popular sites and well-known brand pages. Let’s explore the reason why Wibiya has become the sensational tool it is today.

Wibiya is a social network application and navigation tool with great conversion features. The benefits of Wibiya for a site are numerous.

1) Communication

Wibiya helps you communicate with your site visitors. Using Facebook, Twitter, recent posts, and announcement tools, Wibiya offer numerous ways to notify visitors about the latest information, deals, and promotions on your website.

2) Global

With its Translator tool on the widget itself, Wibiya presents a positive experience to visitors from other countries. The tool will translate an English site to more than 15 languages.

3) Share

Sharing your favorite pages is easy with Wibiya, utilizing Twitter, Facebook, and Share buttons. All these tools are on the Wibiya toolbar widget.

4) Reduce Bounce rate

By having your visitors engaged with social networking tools, notifications, updates, and sharing tools while remaining on your site, Wibiya helps solve another issue that site owners have. Your visitors will stay on your site longer and, therefore, reduce the bounce rate of your site. This is great news for conversions of leads and sales, as well as for SEO purposes and ranking on search engines. A low bounce rate is known to help search engine rankings of a website.

5) Conversions

With such a sleek tool like Wibiya, your site should be tripling its sales right away! Well, maybe not, but if use Wibiya correctly you will find that your visitors trust you more, engage with you more, and will buy from you more.

As a tech geek, one of my favorite points of Wibiya is that it does not affect the page speed of the site and it is optimized well for usability on the site.

In summary, let’s just quote what Wibiya says about itself:

Wibiya provides an interactive and user-friendly web toolbar that allows you to integrate a host of web applications directly onto your website.

The Wibar web toolbar has many advantages, allowing you to add features and tools for your website’s visitors to use without leaving the page.

This will promote your website’s content, while increasing time spent on your website and the interest your website generates.

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Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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