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How do you know when it’s time to redesign your website?

Congratulations! After months of brainstorming, designing, programming, testing, and tweaking… your newly designed business website is launched.

Finally! You can share your link with pride, knowing that it will lead potential customers to a cutting-edge site that makes the right impact.

23 months later…

A lot of water has passed under the web marketing bridge…

  • There have been changes in your industry and your website doesn’t reflect them.
  • There is a new social network on the block that’s not integrated with your website.
  • Your site’s poorly designed mobile version could be losing you customers on a daily basis.

And besides all this, the layout and graphics which the designer assured you were the latest “Web 2.0” look at the time, are starting to look dated… especially since your competitor’s sleek new site looks decidedly “Web 3.0.”

Or at least that’s what the hauteur-couture web design icons seem to be implying…

Is your website really hopelessly out of style (think brown corduroy flares and a handlebar mustache)? Or can you just get away with a little clever accessorizing, to bring it all in line with the latest trends?

Should you take the redesign plunge and make your website “fabulous” once more?

Hold your Redesign Horses, Versace…

If your site is converting well, and turning visitors into customers at a satisfactory rate, then you should be very careful before hiring a designer to do a redesign.

Very, very careful…

It is essential that any designer you work with understands your business goals and is not just focused on slavishly following (or creating) the latest trends on the website fashion catwalks.

This is business, not your high-school prom. The goal of any website redesign is to boost your business, not to keep up with the cool kids.

For example, I recently spoke with one business-owner who spent $30,000 to redesign an ugly, outdated site that earned well from Adsense and advertising incoming, only to see revenues plummet after the new site’s launch. When he complained to his web designer, the guy had the chutzpah to tell him that his new site was “too gorgeous,” so people felt so comfortable there that they no longer wanted to click on ads and “escape.”

If this garbage was true, then the designer should have created a site that was not “too gorgeous.” In reality, the site’s owner should also have been more discerning and careful. He should also have investigated and clearly articulated his goals for the redesign before shelling out the big bucks to Mr. Versace.

That said, an outdated site can certainly effect your bottom line by eroding customer trust, giving the wrong impression to your ideal clients, and failing to support the latest industry trends.

I really appreciate this infographic, which explores the real and valid reasons why web professionals redesign their site:


Reasons To Redesign Your Website - Infographic

As this infographic demonstrates, the main reasons for a redesign should be business reasons, such as improving positioning, traffic and conversions. Every aspect of the web design should always be subject to business goals.

In my opinion, any designer who doesn’t have an excellent understanding of web business and conversion optimization should be avoided at all costs.

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