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Yay! 14 people viewed my Linkedin profile. Now what?

Has Linkedin been sending you alerts about who viewed your Linkedin profile lately?

That’s cool information to know!

But how should you respond to these notifications? If you’re like most people, you’re not really sure.

The new alert system is part of a major upgrade and redesign that Linkedin has rolled out over the last month, making it even more useful as a professional networking platform. I’ve already written about some of the most important changes to the new Linkedin.

But this change in particular has really gotten people talking. It has long been possible to view a list of people who viewed your profile (you have to be logged in to Linkedin to see the list). But many members did not know about that feature or did not regularly use it.

Thanks to the new notifications, everyone now realizes that there are people looking at their Linkedin profile all the time. People that you don’t know, with promising sounding headlines, may be checking you out on the world largest professional network at this very moment.

This is a wake-up call for many of us.

Linkedin actually matters!

What you usually don’t know is why they are looking at your profile.

  • Are they interested in doing business with you?
  • Do they want to headhunt you?
  • Did they just happen to stumble upon your profile while searching for an old friend with a similar name?

You may never know, but here are 3 ways you can respond to notifications that someone viewed your profile:

1.  Immediately send an invitation

Linkedin gives you the option to send an invite to connect with anyone who views your profile. No interrogation about whether you really “know” them is applied.

In my experience, 9/10 times they will quickly accept your invitation. In this way, you expand your network to new prospects that are most likely relevant to your professional goals. From now on, these people will see your updates and a relationship can be built from there.

2. Reach Out to Them Personally

After you’ve connected, you can send a message to people that you feel may be relevant contacts.

And No! Don’t spam them with a generic message selling your goods and services. That will probably kill the relationship before it even begins. Instead, send them a personalized, helpful message, such as:

Dear Eric,

Linkedin sent me a notification that you viewed my profile. I’m glad they did because it led me to view yours. I was interested to learn about your work and so I invited you to connect.

I’m curious to know if there was any particular reason you viewed my profile? Can I help you in any way?


Naomi Elbinger

Content Marketing Manager
New Edge Design – https://newedgedesign.com
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Many professionals, including myself, report higher response rates from Linkedin messages, relative to cold emails. So this kind of message is a great way to reach out to potential warm leads. (I couldn’t find any data on the open rates of Linkedin messages, so we have to rely on anecdotal evidence here.)

3. Smarten Up your Profile Page

Now that Linkedin is regularly reminding you that relevant prospects are viewing your profile, this should motivate you to ensure that it makes the right first impression.

The layout of your information has changed lately, and your “Headline”, image and description are more important than ever. The new endorsements feature can also be used effectively to give an impression of being tops in your field.

These are probably the main factors in a Linkedin profile that captures the right sort of attention, and generate not just views, but messages and leads.

So off you go! Check who viewed your Linkedin profile today – and get busy networking!

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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