User interface/User experience

User interface/User experience (UI/UX) design is about making sure the design of the website not only reflects the brand but also puts the user at its focus. Creating a seamless user journey, making buttons and navigation intuitive and making sure the website fulfills the user’s needs are all part of that.

Working with us

At New Edge Design we fully understand that web design goes a long way beyond the look of a website.  When we design
interfaces we design them with your customers at the center, and when we do this it means a more successful conversion rate
all round.

The first things we work with our clients to understand are:  how does this benefit the user and how can we make sure that user gets what they need from the site then we work with you to create the perfect site.


  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Consistency throughout the site
  • Focusing on usability and accessibility
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better Google ranking
  • Happier users/visitors


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  • UI & UX
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  • Architectural Design
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