Search Engine OptimizationAbout six months ago, NewEdge was approached by a long-time customer, BigtimeWireless.com, for search engine optimization on their site. Their site deals with one of the most competitive retail markets online: cell phones.

Though they mainly sell unlocked cell phones that can be used on any carrier network worldwide, we found that many people use the following search terms as well when looking for a cell phone online: “unlocked mobile phones”, “gsm cell phones”, “gsm mobile phones” and more. In addition to these generic terms, we also needed to make sure Bigtime Wireless would rank for long-tail terms as well such as “HTC unlocked cell phones” and specific products such as “HTC Magic A6161”.

After optimizing the pages and doing extensive research, we implemented a rigorous SEO strategy that so far has proved to be effective.

Here is a sample of some of the ranking achieved for BigtimeWireless.com in the past few months for Google US results:

Google Rankings SEO

BigtimeWireless.com Google Rankings

Take note that a search for “gsm cell phones” will bring in more than 207 MILLION results, and BigtimeWireless.com ranks #1 in Global results and #3 in USA results. That’s right…our SEO skills and expertise in Volusion ecommerce will help you succeed.

Is your site ranking well? We would love to hear your success stories. Please post your comments below.


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