Digital marketing provides brands with a multitude of opportunities to reach their ideal target audience and with so many other businesses vying for your customers’ attention, you can’t afford to be wasting time and budget on tactics that are no longer effective.

Here are 5 online marketing tactics that you need to drop in 2017.

  1. Emailing everything to everyone. Your email list is an extremely valuable marketing tool but only if used correctly. Firstly, if you’re still emailing people without their permission, you need to stop. Your results will increase drastically if you’re only emailing people who actually want to hear from you. Secondly, if you’re not segmenting your list, you’re losing out. Segmenting your list based on factors such as subscriber interests, online browsing behavior and past purchases ensures that your emails are even more relevant.
  2. Developing with desktop in mind. 80% of internet users use a smartphone, which means everything your business does online needs to be geared towards mobile users first as chances are they will be interacting with your brand using a mobile device. Everything from your website to your social media ads needs to be developed with mobile in mind.
  3. Only having a social media content strategy. Yes, creating and sharing engaging content is an important part of effectively managing your social media presence but with so many brands posting content every single day, it pays to put some budget aside to promote your posts if you really want to be noticed by your customers.
  4. Using keywords in your meta-data. The world of SEO is always changing as search engines find new ways to bring browsers better, more relevant experiences and results. Gone are the days when you could add a few good keywords to your meta-data to increase the likelihood of your website ranking well. Today, it’s all about content and relevancy. Google needs to see that you’re offering relevant and valuable content to your visitors and that people are engaging with your brand online if you want to start showing up in more search results. Focus on developing great content and offering browsers an amazing online experience. Having strong Meta titles and descriptions does still count though so make them good.
  5. Banner advertising. If you have a limited marketing budget, spending it on banner advertising is not going to give you the best return on investment. If you really want to see results, rather focus on how you can add more value to the lives of new and existing customers as this is what will count when they’re looking for the products or services that you offer.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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