If millennials are your market, Snapchat is a great place for your brand to be. The platform currently has 158 million daily active users and 10 billion videos are viewed every single day, giving you plenty of opportunities to reach your target audience.

Snapchat’s advertising options offer users a more engaging experience with brands. In fact, Snap Ads have a reported 5X higher swipe-up rate versus the average click-through-rate on similar platforms.

The advertising options

Here are the Snapchat marketing options available to your brand in 2017:

Snap Ads

These ads are short videos of no longer than 10 seconds that appear in between stories and during live Snapchat events. Snapchat does give users the options to skip these videos but it also gives them the option to swipe up to learn more so it helps to have a really eye-catching video if you want to grab your audience’s attention. Bud Light managed to increase their purchase intent by 14% when they ran a snap ad campaign to raise awareness of their bold new look.

Bud Light Snap Ad Campaign


Geofilters let users add overlays to their photos if they’re in a specific location. Snapchat usually creates a lot of its own geofilters around special holidays and events but brands have the option to request one too. This request can take some time to process though and it can get quite pricey depending on the features you want. RetailMeNot ran a geofilter campaign to complement its broader holiday campaign and managed to reach over 11 million Snapchat users, greatly increasing brand awareness.

RetailMeNot Geofilter Campaign

Sponsored Lenses

These overlays react to facial expressions and add cool effects to user’s photos. Businesses have the option to sponsor a lens that will be available to Snapchat users, spreading the word about your brand. Gatorade is one brand that ran a highly successful sponsored lens campaign that incorporated the famous Gatorade Dunk. The lens was played over 60 million times and it increased purchase intent by 8 points.

Gatorade Dunk Snapchat Filter

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

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