Over the last week, Google has introduced changes to AdWords’ interface that give advertisers more information in a simpler, cleaner space.

Google did not alter most of the positions of AdWords’ display controls, which allow users to view graphical representations of their advertising campaigns based on several different criteria. However, many of the controls now have larger buttons. Google also tightened up AdWords’ header to give users an easier means of navigation. The site now features one horizontal line on its top, allowing viewers to see more information without scrolling.

Other changes focus on giving AdWords a more modern look. The left side of AdWords’ interface had a number of simple blue links, which Google’s design team eliminated in favor of professionally designed links.

“We wanted to just flatten everything out and make it a little more modern,” said a Google representative.

AdWords also featured a number of small blue question marks on its reporting table pages. When clicked, these question marks would provide definitions and navigation help, but many users found the question mark icons overwhelming and messy. Google’s design team made the icons smaller and eliminated some. AdWords users can still access the help icons when they need them, but the icons are now less distracting.

Other changes included larger buttons, large text input boxes and larger pulldown menus. Google uses these larger elements in its other products, so AdWords should now look and feel more natural for regular Google users. The changes create a much less complex AdWords that regular users should appreciate.



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