ComScore and Facebook have joined forces to produce a report examining social media marketing and providing recommendations for marketers who use Facebook Pages.

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How can we measure the effectiveness of our Facebook marketing?

The report seeks to shine a light on the way branded earned media and branded paid media influences consumers. The authors examined data from comScore’s own Social Essentials, Facebook Insights and AdEffx. Here are some of the main takeaway points.

Brand Facebook Pages Often Get More Traffic

Although company sites are still crucial for companies that depend upon lead capture or direct sales, for many companies, Brand Pages may receive up to 100 times as many visitors as the company’s official website. However, Brand Pages aren’t the most valuable real estate on Facebook; getting your brand on the News Feed means even more exposure.

Fans Don’t Pay the Bills

Having a huge number of fans looks terrific and adds legitimacy to your brand. However, it’s not actually a very good measure of how well your Facebook marketing strategy is paying off. The report emphasizes that reach, amplification and engagement are the metrics to focus on. The authors recommend optimizing posts to increase viewership in Facebook Fans’ News Feeds. They also suggest brands make us of the ad platform to ensure a higher level of saturation.

Metrics Can Be Misleading

Facebook engagement, which hovers around one percent, looks insignificant at first glance. However, compared to alternatives such as DoubleClick, which boasts a click-through rate that is only one tenth as high. The report recommends that brands focus more heavily on amplification, which is considered the most important metric for brand reach. On Facebook, engagement is valuable because it allows the engaged user to spread the brand’s message.

Fans and Friends of Fans Are Good Customers

Although it’s hard to tell whether they became fans because they were already consumers of a brand or they became consumers because they were fans or Friends of Fans, both fans and Friends of Fans tend to purchase a great deal more than average. In the end, it may be more important to reach out and acknowledge these users than to figure out how they came to be such good customers.

Earned Media Exposure Reaches Beyond the Screen

Using a test brand, the authors tracked the buying behavior of fans and Friends of Fans over a 28-day period. After four weeks of exposure, consumers increased to nearly 0.6 percent more purchases than consumers who weren’t exposed, and the purchased increased as exposure continued.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

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