If you are running a Facebook page, you have probably had concerns about just how much control you give your staff and partners when you give them admin access to your page.

But the good news is that Facebook has just implemented a new feature that give you more control over who can do what on your page.

facebook admin rolesUntil recently, all Facebook Page administrators had an equal set of permissions and could add new administrators, make posts, view Insights and make changes.

This system was problematic for many larger businesses. In order to allow advertisers to view Insights or to give employees the ability to post status updates, businesses would need to give these individuals a full set of practically unlimited administrator powers.

As of today, Facebook has introduced five separate administrator roles, which greatly expand the potential possibilities for the website’s Pages. Page creators can set different powers for their administrators and exercise more control over Page access.

The 5 Facebook Administrator Roles

  1. The Insight Analyst role has the fewest permissions and can only view Page Insights.
  2. Advertisers can view Insights and create advertisements
  3. Moderators can add or delete comments and respond to messages as the Page.
  4. Content Creators have all of the aforementioned permissions and can also create posts as the Page, edit the Page and add Apps.
  5. Managers have a full set of permissions, including the ability to add new administrators and set their permissions levels.

To edit admin roles, go to Admin Panel>Manage>Settings>Admin Roles.

In addition, administrators with posting permissions can now schedule posts up to six months in advance. By selecting a small clock icon, administrators can schedule as many posts as they want in 15 minute increments.

Facebook’s programmers hope that the new features will appease the social media giant’s growing member base while making the Pages feature more attractive for businesses. The website recently went public and saw a dramatic drop in its stock prices over the last several weeks.

By emphasizing the capabilities of its Pages feature, Facebook might hope to increase its value to investors. Regardless, the new features should give businesses a much better set of tools for increasing page views and using Facebook’s advertising service.


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