A lot of work goes into designing and developing an eCommerce website. From getting the perfect product shots and working out the ideal pricing model to figuring out delivery processes and procedures.

Once you’ve put in the work you want to start seeing the results in the form of turnover but sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

A customer browses your website and starts adding items to their cart. Exciting right?

But once they get closer to making payment and completing their order they end up abandoning their online shopping cart. This is one of the worst possible outcomes for any eCommerce store owner.

So why does this happen so often?

10 Reasons why customers are abandoning their online shopping carts

Below are some of the main reasons why so many eCommerce stores see high cart abandonment rates.

  1. Your checkout process is far too complicated. Your customer journey should be simple and seamless. Both desktop and mobile users should easily be able to browse your website, add items to a cart and checkout. Provide your users with straight forward instructions every step of the way. Go through the customer journey yourself to ensure that there aren’t any potential snags that customers are experiencing along the way. Your customers shouldn’t feel confused or unsure at any point while shopping on your site.
  2. The shopper needs to create an account. Not every user wants to have to create an account before they can complete their purchase. Give your shoppers the option to checkout as guests if they want to. Once they become loyal customers they can decide whether they would like to create an account in order to keep a record of their payment and delivery details.
  3. Your shipping costs too much. A high shipping cost can cause a user to abandon their shopping cart so if you’re seeing a high drop-off rate just before a user is shown the cost of delivery, you might want to think about adjusting it slightly.
  4. Your website is too distracting. If your website is too busy and you’re distracting visitors with content and other products while you’re trying to encourage them to checkout, you might actually be distracting them from the task at hand completely. Go through the buying process to check whether this might be the case.
  5. There were payment security concerns. If a shopper hasn’t purchased from you before or you’re not one of the larger eCommerce stores, they’re going to be far more wary about buying from you. Make sure that you’ve put the right security features in place to ensure their details will be 100% secure. It’s also important that you show your shoppers what security features have been put in place to put their minds at ease.
  6. You offer too few payment options. Not all online shoppers have the same payment preferences so try and give them as many options as possible to increase the chances of them completing their purchases.
  7. The website was giving errors or crashing. If your website is too slow or is giving errors during the shopping process, you’ll end up chasing a lot of visitors away. Make a point of testing your website and the buying process on a regular basis to ensure a smooth shopping experience for your visitors.
  8. There were hidden costs. Make sure that your customers are away of any extra costs up front and that they’re not only finding out about them right before they’re ready to pay.
  9. Your forms are too complex. Re-look at the forms that customers are filling out during checkout to make sure that they can’t be simplified in some way. The easier you make it for shoppers to complete their purchases, the more conversions you’ll achieve.
  10. There’s a lack of information. If a customer has any questions about your products or eCommerce policies, they should quickly and easily be able to find the information. Make sure that they can either find the information themselves or that a customer service agent is ready to assist.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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