We all know and understand the phrase ‘Content is King’, which is why so many brands have started creating their own unique styles of content to share with their fans, promote their expertise and offer value in general.

Really good content takes time to create, which is why it’s so important to get more strategic about how you’re distributing and marketing your content. If it isn’t landing up on the right desktop or mobile screen and you’re not grabbing a user’s attention, you’re not totally benefitting from your efforts.

Marketing your content means using it to build relationships with prospects and giving them a reason to become paying customers. Content is a long term commitment though so you need to be in it for the long haul if you want to see results.

Below are a few ways that you can not only make your content stand out but ensure that the right audience is seeing it and engaging with it.

Storytelling for the win

Content that tells a story is automatically more engaging because people can easily relate to what you’re saying. Add value by sharing what you learnt from your experiences for that extra boost. Not every piece of content needs to tell a story though. If you can incorporate it into your content plan, great! If not, rather don’t force it.

It’s time to promote your posts

Social platforms such as Facebook are becoming a lot more strategic about the content that appears in the feeds of different users. Organic social reach does still work but if you’re truly looking for your content to make a big impact online, it might be time to put some budget towards a few paid ads. You’ll be surprised at just how far your content can reach and how paid social ads contribute to brand awareness and conversions.

Use SEO to your advantage

Along with writing regular, quality content, search engine optimization should still play an integral role in your content marketing plan. Write content that answers questions that might be typed into search engines, use keywords without stuffing your content or sounding like a robot, and make sure that it can easily be shared on social media for bonus points.

Change it up

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to content market, which is why you need to try new things and track the results so that you know what appeals to your audience the most and what you should be focusing on. Make sure that when you do try out different types of content, such as video, that you’re able to do it well. If video is not your forte and you’re not willing to hire someone to create a video for you then it might not be worth your while since it won’t be produced as well as it could be.

Get the big guys involved

If possible, try and get some well-known brands and personalities involved with your content. Whether it’s interviewing a local celeb or getting a big brand to back your product, this approach can create a lot more trust around your content and your brand in general. Another approach would be to guest blog on industry sites in order to position your business as an expert in your chosen sector.

Creating a blog for your website and updating it every week is not enough to make an impact when it comes to effective content marketing. It’s essential to think out the box, try new ideas and get to know your target audience.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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