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Got a Message for the World? So blog already!

Bloggers like me think we rule the world.

I’ll admit we have a tendency to look down on any person or business who doesn’t have a blog by now.

I mean, you want traffic, right? You want fame?  You want to do web marketing the right way?

So blog already!

That’s how I used to think anyway, before I entered the world of ecommerce. Then I started to learn why “write a blog” has remained stuck at the bottom of your marketing priorities list for so long.

Here are a 3 of the most common reasons I hear for why businesses don’t blog:

  1. My website platform does not include blogging software
  2. I don’t have the time to blog
  3. No one will read my blog

Well, fasten your seat-belts, Ladies and Gentlemen. What I’m about to say may turn your thinking about blogging for business upside down, as I address each of these three challenges and show you why they are just no excuse!

1. My Website Platform doesn’t Have a Blog

This is a very common reason that businesses give for failing to blog and I hear it. Ecommerce platforms being what they are, they don’t always offer blogging software out of the box. You usually have to integrate your site with a blogging software, preferably WordPress. I’ve written posts about how to integrate Volusion with WordPress and BigCommerce with WordPress. It’s also possible to integrate a blog with Magento or whatever other platform you may be using.

When you add a blog this way, it will be hosted on a sub-domain, not your main domain. For example, your store will be located at igloos4less.com and your blog will be found at blog.igloos4less.com.

This makes the SEO pundits complain that there is no SEO value in having a blog because it is not located on a your main domain. Thanks guys, but you’re missing the point.

Ever noticed where ecommerce giant Zappos.com publishes its blog? That’s right: blogs.zappos.com.

You mean Zappos doesn’t know how to do SEO????

Besides SEO, there are so many benefits to blogging when it comes to building traffic, getting one-time visitors to return, garnering social media shares, and fostering audience engagement.

In fact, some businesses run blogs on entirely different domains, with no apparent connection to their main domain. We do this for our own business and it can be a great way to build an active following and real relationships in a way that is sometimes difficult on a corporate blog.

So just because your ecommerce platform doesn’t support blogging on your main domain, this is no excuse not to blog for your business.

2. I Don’t Have Time to Blog

Whenever someone says they don’t have time for a particular thing, it usually really means they don’t believe it’s a worthwhile activity or that they just plain dislike it.

Is blogging worthwhile for your business? Well, let me put it this way. Most businesses who actively blog get most of their site’s traffic through their blog (New Edge Design included). Moreover, blog traffic keeps on coming long-term, unlike traffic from Adwords, banners or other paid advertising that stops sending traffic that very same day that you get fed up with paying for it.

When you think about it that way, you may realize that you can find the time to blog.

And if you just don’t enjoy the tasks associated with blogging, a good content marketer will take on this task and take your blog to the top.

Next excuse?

3. No one will read my blog

Many business owners find it hard to understand why anyone would read their blog. They are too busy to follow many blogs and can’t imagine how others will find the time to read theirs. This is especially true if you are in an industry that is a little… ahem… uninteresting to the general public.

Perhaps you tried blogging at some point and saw that no one was reading, so you gave up?

It’s true that there are a few rules to learn about writing a successful blog: you have to know the basics of writing for search engines; how to pick topics that will attract readers; how to get other bloggers to help you promote your blog, etc.

If you are in B2B, or if your topic is a bit dry, then it can be especially hard to get a blog off the ground. But in my opinion it’s worth the extra investment.

There is definitely a learning curve and it’s possible that no one will read your first few posts, but things will pick up with time, if you do it right. I’m very relieved to say that no one ever read the first few blog posts I wrote. They weren’t that great :).

There is plenty of free information available on how to grow a blog audience. Go forth and learn.

Or else just hire a content marketer to manage your blog and grow the readership for you. One of the things I love about working for New Edge Design is being part of the blogs that we manage for our clients.

People like me love writing blogs for people like you :).

Will Blogging Work for Every Business?

Hey, I’m not selling a magic bullet here. There are probably some situations where a blog is not the best marketing route for a business. But in all honesty, blogging is one of the best techniques out there for driving traffic to your business and building your brand.

If I haven’t convinced you that your business needs a blog, write a comment below and tell me why.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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