When times are tough, businesses need to cut back on expenses, and marketing is usually one of the first things to go. The problem is, marketing is not a luxury, it’s a necessary expense if you want to bring in new business and continue to grow.

Marketing can be expensive but there are a number of low-cost tactics that you can implement so that your business doesn’t get left behind and you don’t lose customers to your competitors.

8 Affordable marketing tactics for your business to try

Below are a few marketing approaches that you can attempt if money is a bit tight.

  1. Content Marketing

Creating unique, engaging content is a great way to drive more traffic to your website and encourage clicks and views. If you already have a marketer or writer in your employ, create a content calendar that you can stick to, to ensure that you’re posting content on a continuous basis. Don’t have a writer? Hire a freelancer instead.

  1. Social Media Marketing

There’s no need to spend any money to market your brand on social media but even a small budget can make a big difference. Tie your content calendar in with a social media calendar for maximum impact throughout the year.

  1. Email Marketing

If you already have a customer database on hand, email marketing is a great way to reach them and encourage repeat business. Platforms such as Mailchimp are affordable and easy to use, so there’s no reason not to try it. Add a newsletter sign-up form to your website to continue growing your database.

  1. Develop a Video Series

Video is an incredibly effective form of content and videos aren’t difficult to produce either. Your content has to be interesting and beneficial to your viewers though. Setup a YouTube channel to promote your videos and brand.

  1. Become a Contributor

Know of a few industry related websites that receive high volumes of traffic? Get in touch with them to find out how you can become a contributor to their blog. The content will position you as an industry expert and a simple link to your website in your bio will help increase traffic to your business’s website.

  1. Create a Free Webinar

Offer your expertise to your target audience by setting up a free webinar. Cover a topic that they’d find interesting and valuable and link it to your products or services. Don’t forget to collect their email addresses to take advantage of additional marketing opportunities later on.

  1. Run a Competition

Running a competition could lead to a lot of new potential leads. Setup an online competition with an attractive prize and get people to hand over their email addresses in exchange for an entry. As an added bonus, offer them an additional entry for referring a friend.

  1. Write an eBook

This is another way for you to promote your expertise and collect the details of potential leads. Create an eBook on a topic that your audience would want to read and ask for their details in return for a download.

If the big brands like Coca-Cola never stop advertising and marketing, neither should you. There is always a way to keep promoting your business.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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