Ecommerce is extremely competitive and it’s up to you to convince consumers to purchase E-commerce Featuresproducts or services from you. Modern technology requires lightning fast interaction producing even faster results. Time is precious and for an eCommerce product page to be successful, it’s important to be streamlined for ease of use and productivity. If a user runs into a roadblock on your site, they are likely to leave quickly to avoid wasting time. Below are features essential to separating your site from the herd.


Keep your design simple and relative to the product or service being sold. Users need to locate information immediately or shortly upon visiting your site. Avoid distracting color combinations or fancy fonts that are difficult to read. Accommodate a variety of users by using a middle-sized font. Most consumers are visual, use relevant photos to enhance product descriptions. Remember to keep your site’s layout clear and concise without unnecessary clutter. Pages should be clearly defined and labeled so that the customer is able to return to places they have previously visited.


Users should easily be to move throughout your site with no difficulty. Consumers should be able to move forward and backward without losing track of the products they have search for. Clearly define the paths to information and from information. Customers tend to explore several options before deciding upon their purchase choice. Many state ease of navigation to be a main reason for repeating business.


Allow the user options to tailor the features of your site specific to their query. They are likely to return to your site for repeat business if their experience is personalized. Offer a search function as well as customizable menus that enable the customer to narrow their search to information pertinent to their needs. Search refinement permits customers to concentrate on particular items and the ability to sort criteria will ensure the user doesn’t spend time looking at irrelevant information.


Showcase your product or service with to-the-point descriptions, with the option for the user to read a more detailed account of the item in question. Discounts and specials should be displayed in a manner to attract customers. Effective sites show a variety of offers to draw and keep the users attention. Organize similar products and services within groups to enable consumers to find successful item combinations. Consumers are often encouraged to purchase additional goods or services when they are easily noticed and readily available.

Check out

Design your checkout process to be simple and effective. Offer several methods of payment and clearly display which you accept. Ensure all forms are apparent and easy to read. Implement an array of safeguards to prevent users from ordering incorrectly such as several check steps prior to order finalization. Allow consumers the option of printing confirmation when their order is processed and email this information, if requested. Include exact details of each order to allow the user to easily spot discrepancies.


Your site needs to be maintained with the highest level of security. Customers make purchases from sites they feel are safe and secure. Update your site with security features to protect your consumer’s information. Take every precaution available to ensure the user can entrust their personal information to your site. Make sure to use the latest versions of security protocol and clearly display the software your site uses for protection.

Author: Tzvi Deutsch

Digital marketer for 10 years and father to a beautiful little girl, lucky husband of a spiritual butterfly, I love helping people achieve their personal and business goals through digital marketing and personal growth.

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