According to a study done by Insivia, 39% of website visitors will contact a company after watching a video about them.

Video is no longer a medium that can be ignored. It offers your brand the chance to get creative, drive more traffic to your website and tell potential customers all about your offering in a unique way that doesn’t require much effort on their part.

Why use video to market your business

  • Videos increase the time that users spend on your website
  • With such a large variety of video related tools out there, producing videos for your brand is no longer an expensive exercise
  • Videos are generally given higher priority in search results
  • Video allows you to appeal to more of a user’s senses
  • It’s a form of content that can easily be shared online

Creative ways to promote your business using video

  1. Make it useful. One way to get people to watch a video is to provide them with some useful information. Create a video that shows your viewers how to do something. Examples could include DIY projects, coding a website or putting on makeup. Just make sure that the how-to fits in with what you’re trying to sell and promote too.
  2. Bring in the testimonials. Instead of going the usual testimonial route, why not put a few faces to your customer testimonials and create a fun video with them. This will make it much more personal and enjoyable for your visitors.
  3. Demo your offering. Demonstrating your products or services using a video could have a much bigger impact than asking someone to read through paragraphs of text on your website. Get creative with it though and try to stay away from looking like an outright infomercial.
  4. Interview someone. Is there a personality that you can partner with that your target audience would find appealing? If so, why not create a short, fun video with them? The video doesn’t necessarily need to be about your brand, it could be a general interview that asks questions that would be pertinent to your audience. For example, a salon could interview Jennifer Anniston about her beauty regime. By interviewing a well-known personality you create trust among your viewers, bring them interesting content and promote your brand at the same time.
  5. Give people a reason to stay. If you have a newsletter that you send out and you would like to decrease your unsubscribe numbers, why not place a fun, creative video on your unsubscribe page? It might just convince someone to stay subscribed and they may even learn something new about your brand.


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