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Optimized websites with integrated marketing and maintenance solutions to supercharge your business’s performance with more qualified leads and customers.

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Our web development process provides you with a customized, mobile-first web presence that delivers an improved experience for your customers and drives more towards your bottom line. Business sites are tailored to drive and retain qualified and valuable leads. E-commerce sites are built to decrease cart abandonment and process orders effectively.

  • Market ready
  • Comprehensive expertise in the leading web platforms
  • Web development & design customized for your needs
  • Optimized to maximize lead generation & e-commerce sales
  • Plugins & 3rd party solutions identified to maximize results




Your perfected web presence demands targeted marketing and an effective marketing and sales funnel. Your particular needs influence the formation of a marketing strategy that utilizes proven marketing approaches for your business to be competitive and win.

  • Attract and re-market leads using Facebook, Google Ads & Social selling
  • Engage visitors through live chat and automated bots
  • Create custom funnels using email marketing to retain and upsell visitors
  • Leverage marketing automation to close the funnel
  • Deliver optimized landing pages to convert more visitors



Your website is now an indispensable business channel. Your presence must be maintained and operational 24/7 safe, secure and supported to deliver everything it has to offer. Whether it’s weekly updates, speed optimization or emergency support we have it covered.

  • Proactive website maintenance services for serious website owners
  • Transparent reports – You’ll know about every single change and update we make to your website
  • Weekly back-end updates to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Load-time optimization, 24/7 up-time monitoring & Daily cloud backups
  • Advanced support – We manage complex sites too

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Featured Work


Moneyback Hero 

Moneyback Hero provides wealth recovery solutions for people who have been scammed. MB Hero turned to NewEdge Design to manage the complete development lifecycle of a new dynamic website in addition to lead collection, nurturing and marketing automation.

After an initial consultation, we were tasked with the site design, logo design, web development, marketing strategy and marketing automation including:

  • Landing page design and development
  • Website skin design (custom theme)
  • Website development on WordPress
  • Logo design
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Developing and implementing lead collection and nurturing supported by marketing automation

This industry provided a unique challenge since we are dealing with scam victims in an industry rife with fraud. Building up trust was a significant hurdle. In spite of this, we managed to achieve a solid conversion rate. Part of this is the exit intent strategy we implemented by incentivizing visitors to provide us with their email address in exchange for a piece of quality content. We then fed them with a drip email campaign that had an incredible 43% success rate converting the would be bounced prospects into leads.


Ready to Make Your Idea Come to Life?

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Our team has been brought together by two principles, a passion to deliver results, and a desire to see businesses grow and flourish.

Yehoshua Kotlar

Founder/Operations Manager

Tzvi Deutsch

Business Development

Rick Bird

Lead Developer

Casandra Jordaan

Content Marketing Lead

Chai Guiterrez

Account Manager


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